Medical identity theft is growing 22% a year—faster than any other type of identity theft. Are you keeping up?

The need to protect medical identities is growing exponentially. Breaches take longer to detect than other cybercrimes, making them lucrative to criminals—and costly to patients and providers. Precise ID® with Digital Risk Score is your defense against portal security risk.

Keep identity thieves out

Portals give patients convenient access to health information. Trouble is these online tools give thieves access to sensitive data as well. Precise ID® with Digital Risk Score automates patient portal enrollment, making it easy for patients to log in, but tough for criminals to steal identities.

Evaluate risk with multi-layered identity verification

Precise ID® with Digital Risk Score verifies patient identities during portal enrollment and at every portal access request thereafter. Our solution provides multi-layer identity verification by evaluating risk through identity and device intelligence, in a single platform, in less than one second. It provides the continuous medical identity protection you need—without burdening your patients with lengthy enrollment processes.

Build patient confidence

Our HIPAA compliant solution provides access only to the right individuals, so patients get the privacy they expect. Sensitive health information is protected, and Meaningful Use requirements satisfied, allowing healthcare organizations to reassure patients and build strong, trusting relationships.

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