Episode care management is in the patients’ best interest, the providers’ best interest … so why is it so hard?

Many organizations can be involved in a patient’s episode of care—physician groups, hospitals, health systems, home health aides, skilled nursing facilities, long term acute care hospitals and provider-led health plans. Getting them to share information to ensure care plan compliance, manage post-acute costs, and reduce patient readmission can be daunting without Experian Health’s Care Coordination Manager.

Share the information that matters

Our automated, closed-loop messaging platform for 30- to 90-day patient episode management lets healthcare organizations share information and assign care plan requests—across a diverse provider community—and receive structured replies. In addition to provider coordination, Care Coordination Manager delivers targeted messages to patients and caregivers, largely through email and text, based on care plan rules.The ability to send and receive secure communications helps coordinate care and assure the care plan is followed.

Improve the patient experience and provider performance

Care Coordination Manager increases patient engagement by enabling more effective deployment for care managers. It also reduces the avoidable readmissions that are costly and upsetting to patients. Providers benefit as well through bundled payment profitability, maximized ACO savings, incremental revenue from billing of higher value Transitional Care Management (TCM) visits, and reduced episode of care costs. In addition, care plan compliance can be captured as structured data for use in analytics using this solution.

Continuously improve your care

A dashboard view helps management prioritize workflow to focus on high-impact initiatives. Direct-enabled EMR integration streamlines coordination and the sharing of clinical information required for effective care transitions. Care Coordination Manager also features a configurable rules engine to meet the unique needs of your organization, and scalable deployments across organizations spanning the healthcare continuum.

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