We provide the most up-to-date auto industry data so you can stay ahead of the trends

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Gain market intelligence and insight into the latest automotive industry trends, including vehicle sales, lending terms, loans financed, manufacturer market share and current vehicle registrations.

Experian Automotive offers the most up-to-date auto industry data available. Fresh data can help you identify trends, understand current market conditions and better plan for future growth, whether you’re an auto manufacturer, lender or industry analyst.

Custom Market Reporting

Get an unprecedented view of what's happening in your specific market or geographic target area. Whether you want a macro-view of the market from a national level or a micro-view of a specific ZIP CodeTM region, our data capabilities can provide you with the reporting needed to meet your specific requirements.

Competitive Intelligence Edge

Interested in seeing how you are positioned against your competition? Learn how our market
intelligence can help identify trends to:

• Develop expansion strategies in new territories

• Monitor how the competition is performing

• Track, forecast and manage regional penetration

• Develop products that best match your market needs

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Auto Industry Trends

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