Automated Automotive Data Analysis

Experian® offers the automotive industry a single solution that empowers users with actionable insights into the changes impacting their market, vehicle trends and insights into the buying behavior of potential customers. Combining our extensive data and predictive analytics into a revolutionary business-intelligence tool, VelocitySM, we deliver a quick and easy-to-interpret analysis to guide your business decisions.

Turn data into actionable insights

Track performance by region, ZIP Code and individual dealership or store. Compare performance against competitive brands, and develop customized key performance indicators to set goals and track ongoing progress. Through our graphical interface, you will understand “what” is happening with your business and “why” but what differentiates Velocity in the industry is its ability to tell you “how” to make changes to improve performance.

Auto-industry analysis capabilities and services available:

  • Market area and mapping reports
  • Vehicles in Operations (VIO reports)
  • Cross-sell reports to see pump-ins
  • Loyalty, service-activity and lease reports
  • Vehicle buyer profiles by lifestyle and behavioral

    Whether you are a data analyst and need to take a deep dive into the robust data or need the executive-level summary, Velocity is a tool to accommodate any user's capability.

Interested in auto data analysis?

To learn more about our automotive data analysis and how our business intelligence tool, Velocity, can empower you to quickly gain actionable insights and make profitable decisions, fill out the form below and an Experian Automotive Representative will contact you.

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Auto Industry Trends

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